Role Players & Simulated Patients

WHEN: 20 May 11am-5pm

WHERE: Birkdale School of Arts Hall, 101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale

COST: $ 80 Members/ $ 100
Non Members includes Membership until 30/9/2023

BYO Lunch

There is increasingly more paid work for actors to be employed as Role Players and Simulated Patients.
How do you become a professional Role Player? And how do you find the work?
This workshop will give you a sound understanding of all aspects of professional Role Playing, as well as contacts for how to gain employment.


  • Acting for Education
  • Body Language extension
  • Scenario preparation
  • Improvisation in simulation
  • Heightened emotional states
  • Providing accurate and concise feedback

NOTE: Part of the workshop focuses on working as Simulated Patients for Medical students, so there will be discussion about body parts and functions, in real terms and slang. There will also be some swearing when we discuss anger scenarios. Due to the medical nature of the work, there will be discussion around illness and dying.

Participants are welcome to step out for any parts if they need to.

Wear Comfortable clothes you can move in, and bring pen and paper.

About the Faciliator – Libby Harrison

Libby Harrison has been role playing since 2004 across multiple environments, and runs Add Lib Casting, a boutique role player agency in Brisbane. Libby has been training actors to work as Simulated Patients for universities for 13 years. She loves to share her knowledge and passion in this dynamic and interactive workshop.