Introduction to Improv. & Theatre Sports

Dates and Times

7 October 2023: 11am - 5pm

Birkdale School of Arts Hall, 101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale

$ 80 MATES Members
$ 100 Non Members includes Membership until 30/9/2024

Learn the skills which allow performers to work with each other in the moment to create amazing and wonderful scenes.
Put simply, improv (or impro) is any performance where there is no script.
Improv is a fun, challenging art-form which teaches skills that are useful both in everyday life and performance. Improv is invaluable for actors or creatives who want to be faster on their feet and explore their creative processes. Plus, it’s fun!
Participants will be gradually introduced to performing Theatresports games and scenes, and will learn to hit the stage with confidence and playfulness.
You will learn techniques to:
- Trust your creative impulse
- Be present and in the moment
- Accept and build on ideas
- Embrace failure

About the Faciliator – Wade Robinson

Wade Robinson is one of Improv QLD’s founders, its training director and current President. Wade has performed with Improv QLD since it was known as ImproMafia, in the Great Grandiosa at the Wonderland Festival (2015), the Pineapple Club at the Brisbane Comedy Festival (2014/2015) and Robinson, Rimmelzwaan and White at the Anywhere Theatre Festival (2014). His producer credits include the Theatresports Grand Championships at the Brisbane Powerhouse (2013/2014), and he was also a member of the first Queensland team to win the National Theatresports Championships in Sydney. Wade is an experienced teacher, and has been a key driver of its workshop program since 2010. He has also taught improvisation to a range of clients including schools, community groups, and corporate clients.