MTG Theatre Tech. Workshop

Dates and Times

March 16, 2024: 11am - 5pm

Birkdale School of Arts Hall, 101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale

$ 80 MATES Members
$ 100 Non Members includes Membership until 30/9/2024

Sound & Lighting - Show Cue System

Learn about Show Cue System (SCS) - Sound and Lighting Program written for Windows. The SCS program is used all around the world in Theatres, Schools, Opera Houses, Music Festivals and even Escape Rooms.

Lead Developer of SCS, Mike Daniell, will facilitate a workshop to explore this amazing program.

Mike will provide an overview of SCS, and he will include how to incorporate Audio like sound effects and music, videos and images, lighting and sound including microphones.

MATES Theatre Genesis are very lucky to be able to use this program with their productions and very excited that Mike can come and share the SCS program with all the Sound and Lighting Designers out there looking for an alternative that is efficient and easy to use.

About the Faciliator – Mike Daniell

Mike has many years experience in theatre tech (amateur), starting with the Harvest Rain Theatre Company (HRTC) when they were based at the church he attended in  New Farm. Mike has been involved in numerous productions for MATES and U3A Theatre Group.