Enquiries - 0492 875 853

Enquiries - 0492 875 853


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Phone Enquiries
0492 875 853

Postal Address
PO Box 1774, Cleveland Q 4163

Performance Locations
MATES Theatre Genesis performances are held at various venues including:

  • Birkdale School of Arts Hall,  101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale 4159
  • Donald Simpson Centre, 172 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland 4163
  • Redland Museum,  60 Smith St, Cleveland QLD 4163
  • RPAC- Redland Performing Arts Centre,  16/2-16 Middle St, Cleveland QLD 4163

On-site and street parking available at all venues.

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Interested in Joining Mates Theatre Genesis?

If you are interested in being part of MATES Theatre Genesis and bringing your talents and energy to the group, we invite you to complete the Membership Application form & submit payment of the membership fee $20 per annum, expiring 30 September each year.

Your application will be submitted at the next monthly committee meeting for approval, after which you will be advised the outcome of your application.