Speaking Shakespeare-Jan, 2021

Dates and Times

16 January 10:30am – 5pm

Venue: Downstairs,
Birkdale School of Arts Hall, 101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale

COST: $ 80 Members/ $ 100
Non Members includes Membership until 30/9/2021

Develop your acting skills with Shakespeare!

Skills to be introduced:

  • Developing a personal connection to the text..
  • Using the rhythms and devices of verse.
  • Embodying the rich imagery in Shakespeare’s text.
  • Acting with your whole self-mind/body/emotions Intended outcomes:
  • More flexibility in taking risks and making acting choices.
  • Integrating voice & body to express text.
  • Greater ease & comfort with approaching Shakespeare’s text.

Participants should come prepared with a 10-20 line Shakespeare speech for which they feel a personal connection. The speech should be in verse not prose. It can be any age or gender (doesn’t have to be participant’s age/gender) IT SHOULD BE LEARNED THOROUGHLY BY HEART.