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Festival of One Act Plays is a series of short plays.


Price of Fame by Libby Harrison. Directed by Lachlan Driscoll.
In the future you can live forever if you are famous enough. But do you really want to?

The Accident by Victoria Posner. Directed by Victoria Posner.
Candy, Jordan and Liv are on their way home from a party when they run over an alien. Deciding to take the body back home, the women must decide what to do next. With things going from bad to worse for the group – can they make it through the night in one piece?

Eternal Love by Margaret Laurence. Directed by Margaret Laurence.
Mary returns to Brisbane for the funeral of Reverend George Donnelly after living in Melbourne for the last 20 years. She is profoundly affected by a brief conversation with Louise, a church volunteer.

Class of ’89 by Kellie Silver. Directed by Kellie Silver.
It was the 80’s – the hair was permed, the attitude was big and the party was going to last forever… High school ended for this group of friends 30 years ago, and after a fateful accident that their private schoolies party they have not spoken to each other since. Now that is about to change…

Fork by Emily Chadick Weiss. Directed by John Parsons.
Joyce, a proud grandma and leader in her field, is about to retire and feels she should use this time to assassinate the Prime Minister…or maybe the President. However, her children know this urge is about more than just politics.
A New York Times Critic’s Pick, produced in The Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Marathon.

A Shoulder to Cry On by Margaret Dakin. Directed by Glenda Ashleigh.
Joanne has been diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live. Her husband, Tom has been unfaithful during their marriage. In order to get some truth between them in their last few months together, Joanne makes a confession.

Gathering Shadows by David Scott. Directed by Suze Harper.
Meet the Bradshaws, an ordinary family that could live next door. Unfortunately dementia has moved in and is causing havoc. For each person who lives in the Bradshaw household the experience is different yet the same. Confusion, love, fear and anger. A roller coaster of emotions that will have you hugging your loved ones a little longer tonight.

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