Confounded Nugget – Sept 2023

Youth Theatre Mentoring Program

Developing theatrical skills in youth participants.

MATES Youth Theatre is a Mentoring program, allowing Youth participants (aged 10-21) to audition, rehearse and perform a production whilst being guided by people who have had many years experience in their Theatre field. 

This initiative is funded with assistance from the outgoing Mt Cotton Drama Group who donated funds to MATES in 2016 with the express caveat it be used to foster youth in theatre. 


Rehearsals and performances will be held at Donald Simpson Community Centre - 172 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland QLD  

Performances: 14, 15, 16, 17  Sept 2023
Rehearsal Dates: To be announced



Our first production under the program will be "The Confounded Nugget" by Merle Bowen & Trisha Cation.