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Miss Bilby - 25-31 October, 2021

Miss Bilby and the Moss-Covered Cleric is a light-hearted spoof of an Agatha Christie whodunit.
This radio play has every cliche of plot and sound effect.

Previous Shows

Barbecue 25 Jan-9 Feb 2020

Smell the snags on the barbie and listen to the sound of a tinny being cracked open. ‘Barbecue’ is a grassroots Australian comedy set around the cultural ritual of the backyard barbecue.

Writers Block - 18-26 October, 2019

Set against 1940’s and modern backdrop, Writer’s Block is a comical romance with a hint of drama that voices some of the unique processes occurring in the writer’s head as she arduously pieces together the scattered thoughts of her overactive imagination to ultimately produce that perfect work of art – she hopes!

Vagina Monologues - 14-15 Feb 2020

The award winning play is based on Eve Ensler’s interview with more than 200 women. Based on a collection of readings celebrating what it is to be a women the humour and grace.

Christmas Day - 25 Jan-9 Feb,2019

An Australian play about family relationships at Christmas. Past lives and deepest fears are confronted in ‘Christmas Day’, a play about suppression, emotional inheritance and ‘letting go’.

Gather Round, Hear Our Voices - 26-27 February, 2021

About the ShowCelebrating the stories and collective wit and wisdom of women.Local women raise their voices to share their stories.  Includes original readings, poems and scripts.  Laughter, tears and song.Proceeds will be donated to The Centre for Women & Co., a local not for profit organisation who provide specialist domestic violence and womens’ well-being services.CastGlenda …

Sailing South - 25 Jan-7 Feb 2021

The rollicking adventures of the “Sailing South” crew and ticket of leave prisoners. Set in the 1850’s a lot of leeway has been given with this little ditty aimed as providing plenty of laughs.