By Kellie Silver

about the show

The “Brick Wall” is every writer’s enemy but Jane has discovered a way to make hitting
it a little less tedious. Battling with wildly vocal and immensely frustrating
hallucinations in the form of her two main characters, Jane sets about to write a play
with all the romance and drama she lacks in her own life.
With a crush on her imaginary leading man, an unexplained dislike of her fictional
leading lady, a very real romance budding with a divorced ‘boy next door’ and an
inability to separate reality from fiction, Jane furiously pecks out her newest play: a
drama about a young wounded British Soldier seeking refuge with a German girl in
the midst of WWII.
Set against a 1940’s and modern backdrop, Writer’s Block is a comical romance with a
hint of drama that voices some of the unique processes occurring in a writers head as
she arduously pieces together the scattered thoughts of her over-active imagination
to ultimately produce that perfect work of art….she hopes.

Box Office Open Soon

Show Performances: 18th October – 2nd November 2019

Directed by Shane Webb

Libby Harrison – Jane
Tereska Hart – Kate
Zach Price – Jake
Vivien Wood – Adele
Andrew McArthur – Paul/Capt Brooks