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The Cast of Love Letters

by A.R Gurney
An MTG Production July 2018
Cast Announcement

Two friends. Three defining periods of life. One friendship fifty years in the making.

Brian Gamble and Jan Nary pick up the roles of Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardiner as adults in the third act of MTG’s production

Love Letters, opening this Friday night.

Fifty years on from their first meeting the characters Andrew and Melissa are unwound by some masterful acting, reflecting on their lives and revealing long-held secrets.

The performances of Brian and Jan cap off a magical night exploring a relationship that could be echoed in any one. Nostalgic yet contemporary Love Letters is a theatre experience for young and old that is not to be missed.

Cast Announcement

After surviving boarding school and the trials of adolescence, Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardiner enter young adulthood. They are discovering self and exploring the world – the collegiate years, European adventures as well as failed relationships dominate.

Dallas Fogarty and Jackie Wiley play Andrew and Melissa during this defining period of their lives.  They are each more defiant and growing more independent, Andrew is mulish and determined to do things his way; while Melissa is brasher, over-confident but often coy turning to moments of cold foreboding.

Their need for independence is contrasted by moments of togetherness, underscoring the connective tissue running through this story.

Love Letters is an evocative, touching and funny play about love, life, and a friendship forged through shared memories and nostalgic recollections lovingly preserved in written letters, notes and messages.
Book today for a theatre experience of exquisite charm, beauty and humanity connecting in a time honoured way.

Cast Announcement

Taine Harding and Chelsea August play the young Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner in Love Letters opening on July 13 and continuing until July 28.

When Melissa sent a thank you note to Andrew thanking him for her birthday present, neither could have anticipated what would develop and be sustained for over half a century.

Taine and Chelsea walk us through the years of school-yard angst – notes passed quietly in class, boarding school experiences and adolescent fumbling make way for deepening emotions, the enthusiasm and curiosity of youth – as well as the stroppy tantrums! Their sophisticated performances convey warmth, vulnerability and revelations only shared between close friends.

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