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How to Book Online Tickets via TryBookings.

NOTE: Example below is for our past show – this process is the same for all shows going forward

MTG’s preferred method for patrons to purchase tickets is via TryBookings which is an online booking system that accepts both VISA and MASTER-CARD credit card payment at the time of purchase.

Below is a simple guide to assist you in purchasing your tickets online.

To invoke TryBookings, Click any of the ‘BOOK NOW’ buttons located both on the main home page and the production page of this website.

or click anywhere you see this button 

A new tab in your browser will open with the main Event page for the production you wish to book tickets. Check this is the correct production you wish to attend and click the yellow ‘Book Now’ at the top right hand corner above the picture displayed.

The Dates/Times for each performance will be displayed each with a yellow ‘SELECT’ button to the right hand side. Select the performance you wish to attend.

Next the seating plan will be displayed. The ‘NEXT’ button is still grayed out until you select seats. NOTE: For different venues the seating plan will look different.

Seating is arranged around tables in a manner that has a maximum of four seats on each of the long edges of the table, with one seat at each end of the table. For smaller front row tables there is only three seats per long edge of the table.

Select the seats you wish to purchase. Note: Seats that are clear/white in colour are AVAILABLE, those that are dark/black in colour are already booked.

Once you start to select the seats they will turn yellow and the seating numbers will be shown above the seating plan as to your selections. See Above. The ‘NEXT’ button will now be yellow so you can proceed with your purchase. NOTE: You can deselect a seat simply by clicking it again to toggle it back to available. Once you have made your selections, press the ‘NEXT’ button to move to the information/payment screen as shown below. Check your ticket selection for the performance/date/time, number of tickets and purchase price.

Next enter the booking details with your name and contact information such as phone number and email and address.

Enter your credit card details for the purchase, your card number, your card expiry date and the CVV number usually found on the back of the card (a 3 digit number)

Finally click the yellow ‘PURCHASE’ button to complete your transaction. An option will be displayed to Print your Tickets and you will also receive an email confirming your booking.

If you are ready to purchase your tickets then click below!

Love Letters booking button

Book Now for Love Letters by A.R. Gurney

MATES Theatre Genesis is non-profit, community theatre group who have been part of the cultural landscape of Redlands City for over two decades. The group rehearse and perform at the Birkdale School of Arts Hall and produce three shows a year – comedies, dramas and small stage and cabaret style musicals.



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