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“It is pure unashamed comedy…played at a break neck pace, the perfect comedy for any drama group”
~ Bart Players, Devonshire, UK

Surprise Package is fun, farcical English comedy written by Duncan Greenwood and Derek Parkes, and is MATES Theatre Genesis’ next production in June 2018.

Auditions are being held on March 13 & 15 for the four male and seven female roles.  Surprise Package is being directed by James Auld who has experience in non-professional theatre as a director and production designer going back to the 1970s, including directing Sound of Music with Inverell Musical and Dramatic Society.
Surprise Package is about the Tinsley family.  They are caricatures of English tourists and they have booked a vacation in a villa in Spain.  This particular villa has been selected by young Ron in the hope that he will get back together with his girlfriend Gloria Armitage – who is also holidaying there with her mother.

Various confusing relationships and misunderstandings occur which are the source for much hilarity.  Surprise Package is a funny, challenging but thoroughly enjoyable piece of theatre that you will want to be a part of.

Cast Required:

4 males:

  • Juanito, the proprietor of the villa “Pension Maria” where the Tinsley family are staying. He is really trying to be a good host.
  • Fritz Grotz, a German tourist – very straight, very German, with a sense of humour
  • Alfred Tinsley, an English tourist, the hard-done-by husband, not getting any
  • Ron Tinsley, his son – a bit of a lad with a thing for Gloria

7 females

  • Elsie Hardcastle, Alfred’s sister-in-law, a school teacher who should be married, but isn’t.
  • Nora Tinsley, Alfred’s wife – a nagger, not giving any.
  • Grandma Hardcastle, his mother-in-law – definitely rules the family. A crusty old woman who can manipulate people.
  • Mildred Armitage, an English tourist. A widow – on the hunt
  • Gloria Armitage, her daughter – a young woman not over her love affair
  • Rosita, a maid at “Pension Maria” – attractive and unconsciously flirtatious.
  • Greta, a German tourist, wife of Fritz. (She has two lines at the very end)

The relevant ages of the characters will be important to the success of this play; Juanito and Rosita, Ron and Gloria are younger (20 – 30); while Alfred, Nora, Elsie, Mildred and Fritz are the older characters (40 – 55) and should be of a relative parental age to Ron and Gloria.


  • Auditions: Tuesday 13TH and Thursday 15TH February, commencing at 7.30pm
  • Venue: Birkdale School of Arts Hall, 101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale
  • Times: 7.30pm


For more information contact James Auld (Director): email –

To register for an audition complete the audition request form below

Audition Request Form

Gender (required) MALEFEMALE

Juanito : 20 - 30 yearsFritz Grotz : 40 - 55 yearsAlfred Tinsley :40 - 55 yearsRon Tinsley : 20 -30 yearsGrandma Hardcastle of 65+ yearsElsie Hardcastle : 40 - 55 yearsNora Tinsley : 40 - 55 yearsMildred Armitage : 40 - 55 yearsGloria Armitage : 20 - 30 yearsRosita : 20 - 25 yearsGreta Grotz : 40 - 55 years


• During the rehearsal and/or performance periods of this production, will you be, or do you intend to be: involved with any other theatrical production or similar; absent for any period for holidays, family commitments or business trips, etc? * YesNo

• I am happy to receive information from MATES Theatre Genesis regarding future productions. * YesNo

By submitting this form you accept the decision of the audition panel which is final and binding. You also acknowledge that you will be notified of the panel's decision either at the time of your audition or at a later date by email or by telephone.

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